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January 26, 2012

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© Simone Van Den Berg | Dreamstime.comJust a bit of science ~ when you share a meal with someone you tend to “bond” with them.  Oxytocin gets released (that’s the same hormone that bonds you to your nursing baby) and voila! you are likely to feel better toward your dinner companion.  That is just one more reason to have family dinners and date nights that involve eating.

My sweetie and I had a lovely meal at a Greek restaurant in Seattle ~ Kokoras Greek Grill.  If you are in the neighborhood I recommend it ~ lovely atmosphere, friendly folks running it and incredible baklava.  :)   My husband and I had a leisurely lunch and, of course, some friendly chatter with staff and customers.  It was a relaxing, enjoyable and yummy meal.  Great time.  Great memory.

Image credit © Simone Van Den Berg |


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Marriage Gems has more ideas on Oxytocin ~ How to Naturally Increase Oxytocin, and Why This May Help Your Marriage


Be generous! Lori <><

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