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December 22, 2011

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Take a deep breath.

There are only three days until Christmas. 

What really needs to be done to make this a Merry Christmas for you and your sweetie?  Keep in mind that most things are really not that important (and a frazzled, grumpy wife doesn’t make for great holiday cheer).  What makes the holidays special for either of you?  Do those things.  If you need help sorting it out read this post and discuss with your hubby.

Tradition: sit with husband in a room lit only by tree lights and remember that our blessings outnumber the lights. Betsy Cañas Garmon

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Congratulations Sheila and hubby for 20 years!!! Bragging Rights (from To Love, Honor and Vacuum) It’s so encouraging to read a balanced story about happily ever after.


On Celebrating the Little Steps  ~ because changes happen one step at a time. (from Becoming Minimalist)


Thanks so much to those who gave to the “save my husband’s sanity/buy a new computer” donation appeal. We met the $5,000 goal and then some. My husband ordered his new computer and some software (I think he is waiting at the door for it to arrive). The remaining funds will help us over the winter months as we scale down the day job and move to supporting ourselves in ministry. 


Be generous!  Lori <><
3 days ’til Christmas!

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