Yup, New Year Goals

December 9, 2011

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I realize that we all are in the middle of Christmas preparations, but I just want to drop a thought in your minds about the new year to ruminate on as you shop, work, cook, clean, etc. 

You’ll fail at a 100% of the goals you don’t set.   Mark Victor Hanse

I firmly believe that we need to prayerfully make goals and work toward them.  If you wander through life willy nilly, you’re likely to have a willy nilly life.  Others will gladly dictate what you do or circumstance will toss you to and fro.

God does have a plan and a purpose for you and your giftings are a reflection of that.  Please give some time and thought to who God designed you to be and how he may wish for you to spend your time (more serious posts about this to come after the holidays).  You can do this as an individual and also as a couple.  Talk about what you do well.  Talk about the dreams you carry in your hearts.  Perhaps spend some time praying, brainstorming, and writing it all down.  As you move into the new year, make a few simple, measurable and doable goals.

It’s amazing what can be done if you will only aim at a dream.

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I love Michael Hyatt’s blog – Goal-Setting: The 90-Day Challenge Give it a try!


Lori Lowe (of Marriage Gems) just released her new book First Kiss to Lasting Bliss.  It’s a collection of stories from couples who have weathered some of life’s toughest storms plus 12 lessons that the author gleaned while hearing their stories and writing the book.


The mother of Matthew Henry – Have Courage – Be a Support!  Now there’s a gal who knew how to team up to follow a dream. (from Encourage Your Spouse)


Be generous! Lori <><
16 days ’til Christmas!

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Valerie December 9, 2011 at 4:58 am

I’ve been to seminars and have read books and articles on goal-setting. The problem is, figuring out what those goals are in the first place. The trick seems to be in knowing what it is you REALLY want. Not just something for hte sake of writing it down. Lately my only goal is to get dressed at some point before the day is over. Sad.


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