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December 3, 2011

in the generous life

OK, I’m going to be a bit daring.  How would y’all like to learn a new technique in bed?

Years ago I shared this and I think it’s pretty good, but y’all have to promise me that you will be sensible.  I got an email from a gal who thought she broke her husband trying this.  They actually just liked it a lot and did it a lot and he was quite sore, not really broken, but I had a bit of a scare imagining that I would be sued into oblivion because a woman broke her husband’s hoo-haw on my advice.  So here is the disclaimer:  Please be sensible.  Ah and Oooh are good.  Ow is bad.  If your husband likes it, even if he begs, do not do this many, many times and make him sore.  Thank you.

The Florentine: Whether you are having intercourse, manual or oral sex, (whatever is within your belief system and comfort zone) it is more pleasurable for your husband if you can pull the skin on his penis a little tighter.  Put your hand around his penis about midway and gently pull down on the shaft until the skin on his penis is a bit taut (using a lubricant can be a good thing).  For a man that is uncircumcised, this means fully retracting the foreskin.  For a man that is circumcised that means moving down enough to pull the skin slightly tighter.  Anything you do at this point will feel very good.  Intercourse can be a bit tricky because you have to fit a hand down there too (some positions are easier than others), but using your hand or mouth can be a nice treat for your husband.

(No picture or quote with today’s post.  That’s all there is.  Go find your husband and have some fun.)


What is Messed Up About Your Sex Life? – A great integrity article from Julie (of Intimacy in Marriage)


New (to me) blog – 365 Acts of Love  I like it because what the author does is so do-able, so “anyone could think like this, look for opportunities to bless like this.”  Each Day for 365 days, he’s doing something to express his love to his wife, and then he blogs about it. When the 365 days are up, he’ll present the blog to her as a gift.


Be generous! Lori <><
22 days ’til Christmas!

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JennyBean December 6, 2011 at 1:52 am

hehe it cracks me up how there are NO comments on this post!

So I’ll step out there and say this: my man and I thank you. :) Lots.


The Generous Wife December 12, 2011 at 2:07 pm

Thanks for the feedback. :)


Angie August 30, 2014 at 11:24 am

A link on a link on a link got me here :) had no idea this technique had a name! My husband thoroughly enjoys when I use my hand during oral & regular sex. Isn’t funny though how we’re willing to be sexual and intimate with our partners but shy away from talking about what each of us enjoy? It’s taken us fifteen years but we’re finally embracing our intimacy without society’s expectations carried into our bedroom. It really is the glue that fills so many cracks in a marriage!


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