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November 10, 2011

in the generous life

© Baloncici | Dreamstime.comMy husband doesn’t see messes.  I think that part of his brain is missing.

Because he loves me, he has learned to pick up after himself (mostly) and he has made the effort to be reasonably organized.  He will never be the neatnik that I am, but he understands the importance of learning to accommodate your spouse and working on your differences with consideration (and humor). And, honestly, my being organized has been a help to him and he understands the benefit.

Regardless of whether you or your husband is the messie or neatnik, being organized can be a good and kind thing to learn for your spouse.  It means that you spend less time looking for keys.  Your meals are better planned and more likely to be on time.  You can find the electric bill.  Your bedroom is a special getaway place for the two of you.  And more.

 I would encourage you to look at the times and places of your life that are not working well and brainstorm for ideas to make them more functional and organized.  It will save you (and/or your husband) a bit of sanity and it’s the kind thing to do.

 Need help?  A few of my favorite blogs:

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Image credit © Baloncici | Dreamstime.com


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Daily Checklist (I use something like this for my “daily to-do’s”) and 4 Reasons to Use a Timer (a great help for kids too!)


Be generous!  Lori <><
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Danielle November 10, 2011 at 7:20 am

Love this, Lori! When our home is organized and clean life just seems so much simpler and happy to me. I’m the clean freak and my husband was not when we got married, but he is now so much more organized and makes the effort to always help around the house because he knows how it makes me feel :) As always, thanks for the tips!


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