Irritations and Peeves with Collars

October 4, 2011

in the generous life

Meals are really important to my husband, especially the social aspect.  If I truly want to discourage my husband, all I have to do is not “be present” at a meal or in some way discourage the connection that typically happens at meal time.  To bless my sweetie, I need to engage with him at meal times.

What things are important to your husband?  What things rattle or irritate him?  Perhaps it’s coming home to a chaotic living room.  Maybe it’s being interrupted when he’s talking or being told what to do.  Maybe it’s not being on time or having to look through the dryer for clean socks.  We all have things that push our buttons or generally irritate us.  It doesn’t make us bad or wrong, it just makes us what we are – individuals that are unique.  (Yes, we all need to deal better with our attitudes, but let’s just own that some things are tough for each of us to deal with and it’s a kind thing to not to irritate our spouses if we don’t have to.)

Be aware of what frustrates your husband and try to accommodate his needs.  It’s a reasonable thing to communicate about your own pet peeves as well, just be kind and pick a good time to talk.


I’m doing some fall cleaning and decorating.  I found these fun fall pumpkin decorations at Happy Home Fairy.


Be generous!  Lori <><

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