A Bazillion Date Ideas

August 5, 2011

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In the right hand column of The Generous Wife site, is a section called “A Place to Share.”  I’ve listed a number of themes and opened them up so that y’all can share from your wealth of ideas and experience. 

Here is the link to date ideas (mostly free or cheap).  Please feel free to add your ideas as a comment (type in box at the bottom of the page).

DATE IDEAS from generous wives everywhere.

Just a sampling:

A free date my husband and I have enjoyed since we were dating is to go to the library together … we both enjoy reading and learning, so we’ll find a few books and spend an hour or two browsing. Then we’ll make our selections and head to the park to lie on a blanket and read. Sometimes we’ll choose something romantic or poetic and read to each other, other times we’ll make our own choices and just read side by side. We both agree these have been some of our most intimate dates.

from DAWN
* Do a project together around the house, maybe something he wanted to get finished.
* Make sundaes or banana splits at home to enjoy, or one to share.
* Get a timer and do at least a 10 min. massage and then trade off.
* Sight-see around your city and maybe take photographs.

Image credit © Svitlana10 | Dreamstime.com

Be generous! Lori <>< (just how many is a bazillion?)

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