Permission to Be Yourself

August 2, 2011

in the generous life

Give your husband permission to be himself.  What I mean by that is that he shouldn’t have to sensor himself all the time.  Yes, we all need to observe our own behavior and work on those things that are hurtful or generally not healthy, but what I’m talking about is just our overall individuality.  Your husbands shouldn’t have to sensor his personal preferences and unique personal quirks.  You married him for who he is.  Allow him the freedom to continue to be himself. (And, of course, this permission applies to you as well.)

It is our uniqueness that gives freshness and vitality to a relationship.   James Dobson

Be generous!  Lori <><

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Karoline August 3, 2011 at 10:11 am

And I couldn’t agree more. We don’t want to stifle our husband’s (or any person’s for that matter) quirks and preferences, they could make relationships dynamic and exciting.


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