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July 29, 2011

in the generous life

Some folks from local churches in my town gathered at a nearby park last night and put on Worship Fest 2.0 (this is the second time they’ve done this, hence the 2.0).  My husband and I went mostly to support a few of our friends who were a part of the different bands, but it really was a fun date for us.  We took dinner (we were running late) and sprawled on a couple of chairs in the grass.  We did a bit of “people watching” (an occupational hazard, I’m afraid) and just generally enjoyed being with each other and worshiping God.  We need to do that more often – the worshiping God together part.  It’s good for us in so many ways and God is deserving of praise.

Look for opportunities to worship with your husband.  Sing along with a CD in the car.  Play praise music in your home.  Discuss what worship means to the both of you and how you can make that more a part of your lives. (hint: worship is more than just singing songs)

I think worship is a lifestyle, first of all.  Michael W. Smith

Just a little treat:.  If you can’t see the YouTube video below, click on the link. –>  Our God is an Awesome God

Be generous!  Lori <><

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