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June 27, 2011

in the generous life

girls celebrate © Nickos68 | Dreamstime.comCongratulations Donna K for being the 52nd poster and winner of the “Study Him” contest.

I encourage y’all to click the above link and read all 70 of the comments.  It was fun to hear from a number of you that had been married several years.  Everyone had great ideas on different questions to ask and some nice links were shared as well. (The “chart” mentioned in the first tip is here.)

I think that observation and/or questions were in the majority of the posts.  I would add to the list of ideas …

1) Look at who he likes and admires.  Ask him what it is about them that inspires him.
2) Ask him what things bless him and what things bother him.  This may give you a fair idea of what his values are.

The thing about anything in life is you have to get ready for it. Study, learn.  Jacqueline Bisset

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Be generous!  Lori <><

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