I Love You (again and again and again)

March 14, 2011

in the generous life

Pick some expression of love and make a commitment to do it often.  For example, let’s say your husband loves touch.  Commit to giving him a lingering hug and kiss every morning before he goes to work.  Another example, let’s say your husband is blessed by kind words.  Commit to saying something nice to or about him at the dinner table each day.  It could be an encouragement or compliment, just be consistent.

At some point (I can guarantee this because that I have been blogging since 2001) you will begin to feel like you are running out of steam.  Don’t stop.  Even if you have to repeat ideas, keep on keepin’ on.  At some point it settles into your bones and then there is fresh energy to keep going.  The compliments get easier.  The hugs take on substance.  The gift ideas flow.  Your time together gets more fun. Your willingness to serve him in small ways becomes a joy.

Commitment creates a powerful radiant energy that activates all sorts of “miracles” within and around you.  Susan Jeffers

Be generous!  Lori <><

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Annie Ricketts March 17, 2011 at 12:05 pm

My DH loves touch, so for our 20 years of marriage, each night when he comes home from work (or wherever) I drop whatever I am doing (dinner shouldn’t burn in that quick minute), give him a hug and nice kiss. He knows he is loved above all else (other than our Savior) and knows that when I do this simple thing I am loving him fully.


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