Protect Your Couple Space and Time

February 19, 2011

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A generous wife (thanks, Pamela!) pointed me to the free Kindle version of Sheet Music by Dr. Kevin Leman.  Grab this one fast.  Not sure how long the deal will last.

During a time when we had a bizillion teens in our home (we made the mistake of feeding our son’s friends, they came back and brought their friends) we found that we needed to make a few simple rules.  1) Be kind (this covered everything from “please speak respectfully” to “no, you may not choke him”).  2) Be responsible (everything from “clean up after yourself” to “let us know that the toilet is stopped up”).  3) Respect the privacy of the bedrooms.  We had to instigate the last one because some of the kids didn’t have strong personal boundaries.  They would just wander into our son’s bedroom even if the door was shut, he was asleep or he was gone.  We felt that was not respectful (see rule #1) and we also didn’t want anyone wandering into our room.  That is our space and it’s private.

My husband and I have always felt a bit protective of our private space, but having so many teens made the focus a bit more intentional.  We realized that we needed a space that was uniquely ours.  We also sent a message to them that marriage is important and that marriage needs private space and private time to grow (not just for sex, but for that too).

I encourage y’all to set some reasonable boundaries over your bedroom.  The room belongs to you and your husband.  It’s your personal space.  I think this would also extend to “couple time.”  Your marriage is important and folks need to respect your marriage needs.


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Be generous! Lori <><

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