I Wish I’d Written This

January 8, 2011

in the generous life

Today’s tip is a link to an article.  Julie (of Intimacy in Marriage) has written a lovely article (that I wish I’d written because it says some truly profound things).

Sex in the Real World

[When we get married] we said “yes” to sex, not as mere obligation, but as an opportunity to literally and lovingly live out “one flesh.”  Julie Sibert

(A note of thanks to those of you who signed up for Moolala.  The guys who started this business are very happy with the number of folks that are signing up (better than expected) and as soon as they reach a certain number of members they will start the coupons (and no they won’t tell me the number, some business-y thing, but basically they want to make it fair to the investors, merchants (who are offering the coupons) and all the members).

Be generous!  Lori <><

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