When I Grow Up I Want to Be Tom Wymore

January 2, 2011

in the generous life

I’m always saying stuff like this.  It’s my backhanded way of saying that I admire a particular quality in someone.  I acknowledge that I am on a journey and I have much growing up to do.  That said, one of the best ways to bless your spouse is to work on yourself.  The healthier and more mature you are, the better you will be able to love and serve those around you.

I thought I’d do a few tips that focus on maturing and seeking health.  They will seem a bit self-focused, but in the end they will bless everyone, especially our sweeties.

The title I picked is actually a tip.  Begin to look around for people that you admire.  Learn from them and practice what they model.  If you can’t find someone in real life, start reading biographies (local libraries are a good, free source).  Learn from their successes and their failures.  Challenge yourself with their lives.  Perhaps someday someone will say they want to be YOU when they grow up.

Your life may be the only Bible some people read.  Author Unknown

Be generous!  Lori <><

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Kate January 2, 2011 at 5:12 pm

Hi Lori,

God has been laying on my heart a similar burden of helping wives out there to know themselves and love themselves as God loves them! It truly breaks my heart when woman talk to me about their marriage, and the underlying tone is clear-they don’t value themselves! They don’t think they are good enough, pretty enough, smart enough! I think wives maturing, finding out who they are and who God created them to be as well as loving themselves is a key to our One Flesh Marriage premise! I very much like the reminder of finding people you admire and learning from them! There are so many amazing people out there who we can learn great things from! Thanks for all that you do and for sharing your heart with wives everyday! I cannot tell you how much I value the passion and ministry you and Paul have for seeing marriages changed! Brad and I truly hope that some day our paths will cross yours!

In Him, Kate


The Generous Wife January 2, 2011 at 8:36 pm

Kate, thanks so much for your kind words. Paul and I are always trying to figure out how to meet up with the people we meet online (we travel a bit). And, yes, my heart bleeds for women in their struggle to understand who God designed them to be. They are all such beautiful gems. I wish they all could see themselves the way God does. Lori <><


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