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December 23, 2010

in the generous life

My ever-thinking-ahead husband (aka The Generous Husband) has come up with a New Year’s Challenge.  I thought it would be good to nudge this list with the same challenge.  Here’s his idea, to be mulled over, with the more specific challenge the first of the year.

This is a warm up for something I am going to suggest in the New Year.  Both you and your bride are to work at changing or doing better at three specific things next year.  The three goals should be things you suggest to each other so that each of you is working on something that matters to the other.  A few guidelines:

* The list should include one fairly big/difficult thing, one small/easy thing, and one medium thing.
* The goals need to be achievable without bringing your life to a halt.
* The goals need to be specific and fairly narrow.
* Each of you chooses what you will work at; neither of you demands something be on the list.
* Sex is a valid choice, as long as all of the above conditions are met.

If you like this idea, mention it to your bride so that each of you can start thinking about it.  Don’t talk details now, just mull it over.  I’ll give you more information shortly.

(I’ve already been thinking about changes.  I’m an organizing nut and I just got some training on life coaching.  The New Year is always a good time to rethink what you are doing and plan for new things.  I have plans to do better with meals.  I’ve gotten a bit lazy over that this year.  My husband has been understanding about it (we’ve had a crazy year), but I need to get back on track.  I’d like to be a bit more creative in the bedroom (something I don’t think he will complain about).  The other goal …  hmmm, thinkin’ (I wonder what hubby will suggest).  I need to mull over how to make the goals specific and measurable as well.)

Be generous!  Lori <><

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