Pleasant Odors

November 3, 2010

in the generous life

My nose doesn’t work that well.  Problem is, I am not the only who lives in my house and apparently odor really is a big deal in the world of those who can smell.   So, I’ve been paying attention to things like scented candles, nice aromas in the kitchen and a whole host of smelly type products.  It won’t make that much difference to me, but I figure it will bless my husband and son.

That’s actually two tips in one.

1) Have nice smells around the house.
2) Do things that bless your husband even if it doesn’t matter to you.

Ah, the smell of flowers. I’ve just put flowers in a vase.  Helen Caldicott.

Be generous!  Lori <><

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AnnR November 3, 2010 at 3:35 am

This tip is slightly comical for me as my husband can’t smell at all. I mean, AT ALL! It’s taken me some time to really register that and incorporate that into my thoughts about marriage and homemaking, but in the end I completely agree with the second part of your tip: “Do things that bless your husband even if it doesn’t matter to you” Smells, which matter to me, don’t matter to him, so I need to be especially concious of what DOES matter to him. Thanks for the reminder in a round about way :)
.-= AnnR´s last blog ..Too busy to write =-.


Mrs. G. November 3, 2010 at 9:56 am

Hah! Mine too!! He can’t smell that well at all! I think this is a blessing in disguise because after I’ve worked out I don’t have to rush off and get a shower as fast! ;-)
He does know smell is important to me though, and I remember once I had put on the same perfume I wore on our honeymoon for a date and when he hugged me and put his head on my shoulder he said “Oh! you’re wearing the perfume you wore on our honeymoon!” and it really meant a lot to me! I use it to get closer to my guy, I say “I just got this new perfume…do you like it?” And he has to of course, get waaaay close just to smell it!:)


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