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May 19, 2010

in the generous life

My husband just did an interesting thing on his blog.  He asked his readers what they wanted him to write about.  Neat idea.

So… I’m hijacking the idea and offering it to y’all.  What would you like me to write about? Use the contact form, and let me know what your thoughts and questions are.

The important thing is not to stop questioning.  Albert Einstein

Be generous!  Lori <><

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Sarah May 19, 2010 at 12:49 pm

I often find myself in a position where I’m treating my husband more like an opponent than my teammate. It kind of sneaks up on me and then I realize what I’m doing and have to make a conscious decision to stop competing with him (I want to be right! I want to do it my way!) Do you have any tips, exercises or words of wisdom regarding this?


barbara May 29, 2010 at 6:43 am

a great resource regarding marital intimacy, sheet music by kevin lehman. he speaks frankly in a very genuine way to men and women. it is a quick read, packed w/straight forward information. the benefits of understanding a mans(from a womans) sex perspecitve is invaluable and WILL absolutely make sense. my husband hasn’t read it yet so i can’t speak to his “implementing” anything he’s learned. as someone w/34 yrs of marriage who has seen an AMAZING change through the understanding of what sex means to a man i urge all you ladies to keep seeking a path to great marriages. it’s NEVER to late, LITTLE changes bring HUGE results,try new things-nothing that your immensely opposed to(i have my “there is no way, that’s not gonna happen responses to the same request still, after 34 yrs!)but i did FINALLY try, to my husbands absolute DELIGHT a marital “aid”(toy). he was and is thrilled w/my willingness first of all to follow his leadership suggestion,affirm his idea to improve our sexual experience and be adventurous enough to try something new! WIN! WIN!
however in defense of those w/children at home this addition to our bedroom would be difficult if out kids were around. that said i would suggest teaching respect for parental private time, begging for at least a once a week parent, aunt, friend, trusted neighbor, babysitting for half a day or a couple of hours. when you understand and reap the benefits of knowing the importance of sex in the life of your husband you’ll happily make it a priority.get a tv for the bedroom, controversial i know, not to watch but for the white noise properties,those andy griffith reruns are sooooo easy to block out.
i learned of lori and her husband from the morning show w/julie and ?(can’t remember the guys name). there was a couple talking and the woman could have been me. she talked about the marriage bed website, the generous wife emails and having “given in” to the idea of marital aides. she finally realized sex is not something to fit in, he’s not obsessed w/sex, you don’t do out of guilt, and within a marriage God doesn’t want you to feel dirty about. it has changed our marriage! i heard this program on the heels of the fireproof movie. try the concept in your bedrooms-give just because it’s what we’re called to do. w/our intimacy improved our relationship is quickly following. i pray for this for every couple!!!!
don’t give up ladies,men show their affection through sex first, trust me the rest of the ways we want affection will come. i never thought i would say that but it has happened.


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