Sensuous Moments

March 27, 2010

in the generous life

It’s nice when you can plan a wonderful sensual time with your husband, but certain seasons of life and just the busyness of life can make that difficult.  Sometimes it’s just easier and wiser to take advantage of moments.  You might not have the time or energy to give your husband a full body massage, but you can rub his shoulders during a commercial or just make a habit of touching him when you are near him.  You may not have a wonderful wardrobe of lingerie, but you can work to have pretty undies and occasionally let him know that you are wearing something specifically for him.  A long sensuous kiss doesn’t take a lot of planning, just a bit of privacy.  Much of what you can do to light his fire can be done in little moments of sensuality.  Yes, very doable.

I … kiss the tender inward of thy hand.  William Shakespeare

Be generous!  Lori <><

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